red gum

red gum
1. a North American tree of the genus Liquidambar having prickly spherical fruit clusters and fragrant sap
Hypernyms: ↑liquidambar
Member Holonyms: ↑genus Liquidambar, ↑Liquidambar
Substance Meronyms: ↑sweet gum, ↑liquidambar
2. red gum tree of Tasmania
Hypernyms: ↑eucalyptus, ↑eucalypt, ↑eucalyptus tree
3. very large red gum tree
Hypernyms: ↑eucalyptus, ↑eucalypt, ↑eucalyptus tree
4. reddish-brown dried gummy exudation from any of several trees of the genus Eucalyptus especially Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Hypernyms: ↑gum
5. reddish-brown wood and lumber from heartwood of the sweet gum tree used to make furniture
Syn: ↑sweet gum, ↑satin walnut, ↑hazelwood
Hypernyms: ↑gumwood, ↑gum

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